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Downtown Showdown


BUILD, ATTACK, and WIN. Build a city that leads to your teams success! Build your own city strategically and help your team win the property battle of the century. Attack your opponent cities for loots and HELP team to recover from the attacks.◆Be creative. Be Strategic.◆
BUILD YOUR WINNING CITY■ Hundreds of free building to build! ■ Continuously updated selection of themed buildings to choose from!■ VIP store full of special and rare buildings.■ Unlimited ways to place your buildings to better defend and grow your city.■ Place building strategically to meet your residents’ need and to keep them happy.
ATTACK YOUR OPPONENTS■ Deploy your specialists to attack, rob, vandalize your opponent cities in various ways for loots and Star Medals for the team. ■ Attack and steal their resources!■ Place your specialists strategically to avoid cops, firefighters, and other defending units.
HELP YOUR TEAM■ Visit your teammates to help them recover from opponent attacks■ Chat with your teammates in real time.■ Follow your teammates and always have their backs!
REAL TIME SHOWDOWN■ Two headquarters one city: Battle with other players worldwide in real time.■ Challenge your building skills to the max! Build a better city in a shared map space within the time limit.■ Deploy units to attack and win for more LOOTS and StarMedals.
Special daily and weekly quests available to enhance your city building battle experience!Play today for FREE and be the mayor of the best town!